Really funny how people making fun of immigrants speaking “broken english” only know one fucking language.

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In just 3 days of boycotting Coke is down 8% and McDonalds is down 10%! Keep boycotting!

Here is a link of big brands to also boycott that support and aid illegal Israel: http://m.mic.com/articles/81363/9-brands-you-can-boycott-to-hold-israel-accountable-for-its-violation-of-international-law

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It’s so hard to carry other’s emotional problems when you have no outlet for your own.

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In Mexico they say when someone you love dies, a part of you dies with them. But they forget to mention that a part of them is born in you—not immediately. I’ve learned, but eventually, and gradually. It’s an opportunity to be reborn.

Sandra Cisneros

In the afterword toHave You seen Marie?”

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The Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in History Just Took a Terrifying Turn

The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history just became your personal problem.

Reports now say that on July 24, a Liberian man named Patrick Sawyer tested positive for the lethal virus — in the mega city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Why this is very bad news

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Scenes of death and destruction and the smell of blood are everywhere in Gaza’s streets, and the Israeli shelling is still ongoing. There is no celebration for us this year. Hossam al-Ranteesi, a 32-year-old cab driver, on the empty streets of Gaza on Eid al-Fitr. (via thepeoplesrecord)
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We’re taught at such an early age to be against the communists, yet most of us don’t have the faintest idea what communism is. Only a fool lets somebody else tell him who his enemy is. Assata Shakur (born July 16, 1947)

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if you support capitalism your feminism means jack shit

And if you support Israel your feminism also means jack shit.

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