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"Today is Mumia Abu-Jamal’s B-Day. Happy 60th Birthday, Mumia!
"Celebrate in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, April 27, from 5-7pm at SHAPE Center, 3903 Almeda Rd."
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Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) 1970

I Guess You Just Don’t Know How To Be Funny

Israeli soldiers try to arrest a Palestinian boy, after he tired to take photos with his camera, during a weekly demonstration against the occupation and separation wall in the West Bank village of Al Ma’sara, November 9, 2012. The Israeli separation wall, if built as planned, would cut off the village from its agricultural lands.Photo by: Oren



Stupidest thing ever is this infantilization of patriarchy like, “it’s boys who do those things; a ~~real man~~~ would never be that way” no listen to me, it is not little boys who crack jokes that make up patriarchy but actual grown-ass men engaging in actual physical, systematic, structural, emotional, verbal violence against women. Patriarchy is not puberty you grow out of but a backdrop wired into the fabric of our society. 

this is why i hate the phrase 

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"yes, denny’s lost a $54 million law suit for being anti-black."


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Which after they lost, they completely changed their policies and how things were run if anyone had actually read the source.

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that’s actually not my point. rather, i asked mi gente to do some further research on why denny’s changed their policies, and what public relations for a huge corporate entity might mean, after being hit with the largest and broadest settlement ever paid under federal public accommodation laws—the laws put in place over 70 years ago, to end discrimination in public places.

of course denny’s changed their policies, after six uniformed members of president clinton’s secret service detail were refused service, while their white counterparts were quickly seated and given food. those six members brought a case. does anyone believe any corporation could escape that kind of publicity?

now, denny’s has public relations people to send out the kind of tweets jovenes find “cool.” that’s no accident. 

critical thinking, gente. capitalism. corporate structures. the denny’s tumblr page. advertising, in general. mm hmm.

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i unironically believe that the only thing you should need to do to access medical or legal transition is ask.

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What is your counter-argument to people who say that without class structures and wage labour, people wouldn't have "incentive to work"?




Well, there are a bunch of answers to that. I think this argument is an interesting one because it comes from people’s experience of capitalism. If work is so dehumanising, alienating and shitty, how could we get rid of the wage. It is the only reason people work under capitalism.

But let’s be clear. People would relieve the fruits of their labour under socialism. In fact, working class people would receive more wealth from the work they do than they do under capitalism, where most of that wealth is expropriated. Working class communities would receive the full value of the working class’s labour in the form of direct for need social services.

People work for many reasons. They might enjoy it. They might do it out of a sense of duty or loved or their community. They might do it to become better at it. If we made work an enjoyable experience, and gave workers direct control over the conditions under which they worked, then I think more people would want to work that previously.

Also, just fuck the alienated, mostly unnecessary, work under capitalism (where they steal most of what you produce anyway). I have no interest in incentivising people to carry on with that.

Absolutely. I totally support and understand why people don’t want to fucking do stuff under capitalism. Alienated, unproductive work that you don’t receive full value for is totally bullshit and of course people don’t want to do it.


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Nappy Happy: Angela Davis & Ice Cube, 1992



from Nappy Happy: A Conversation with Angela Davis & Ice Cube, Transition, No. 58 (1992)



You can find full pdf here:

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